Scope Of Practice

With the expertise and exposures of our professional lawyers we provide integrated services along the following broad practice areas: Corporate and Commercial Transactions. Our services include both internal management issues and external business and government relations.

Our team provide corporate clients with all the tools they need to manage both the day – today and strategic issues arise in a successful company which include: Shareholder Agreements, General Meeting Requirements and Procedures, Capital and Debt Management, Corporate Governance, Directors’ and Officers’ Duties,

Related Party Transactions. The clients of I&P.’s would benefit from our experience in business advising whether it’s Corporate Reorganization, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal Due Diligence, International Trade, Joint Venture, Cross-Border Commercial Transactions. Litigation and Dispute Resolution. We are earning trust from our clients by knowing their business and striving in minimizing the impact by remain focused on the most favorable results. Our lawyers take an active role in litigation strategy, court proceedings and negotiation processes. The scope of services including, but not limited to, Prepare and Review a Statement of Legal Claim, Reconstruction of the Legal Facts, Attending Hearings, Conduct Laws, Preparing Legal Memoranda, Establishing Significant Evidences to strengthen the case at issue, Delivering updated Hearing Reports. In addition, our specialist research staffs provide additional expertise for researching laws and regulations.

Other Substantive Practice Areas. I&P provides high-quality services to clients. In doing so, we address our clients’ legal needs in the broader context of their business operations. At all times, our approach is client-focused and governed by the highest professional and ethical standards. In addition to other practice areas we have, our other services ranging from employment & labor, environmental, immigration, intellectual property, information law.

Our Clients. I&P.s’ commitment to finding practical, commercial solution to real-life problem has earned us the confidence of various business clients.